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Nikola Tesla, Biography, List of Inventions, Patents, and Tesla Quotes

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man, a brilliant inventor, and thinker. His life was extraordinary, and his hard work produced many of the technologies we use today. Many people would say that he was the brainchild of the 20th century, and that he ushered in many new technological breakthroughs.

Nikola Tesla was not your average normal man, Tesla would say that unlike regular folks, he only needed 2 to 3 hours of sleep per night. Inside this website you can get to know Nikola Tesla in a more personal way, and you can learn about his inventions.

We have pages that present Nikola Tesla's biography, his patents, and we also feature a page that lists several of now famous Nikola Tesla Quotes.

If you love Nikola Tesla like we do, you can also buy t-shirts or posters that feature Nikola Tesla on them.

We also have a section that features some of the best Nikola Tesla pictures, like the ever famous picture where Nikola Tesla is reading beside a circular contraption.

We also talk about Nikola Tesla's darker side, and how he was a bit of a recluse. Did you know that Nikola Tesla was repulsed by women's jewelry. You can learn about Tesla in a more personal way by reading our Nikola Tesla facts section.

In our list of inventions page, we showcase some of Nikola Tesla's most well-known inventions along with pictures of his inventions.

In our patents page, we list the patents that Tesla got for his inventions.

We hope you enjoy this website about Nikola Tesla, we had fun building it.

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