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Nikola Tesla Facts

Here are some fun facts about Nikola Tesla, surely the world's greatest inventor.

Nikola Tesla was an eccentric man who talked about such things as inventing a death ray that could destroy 10 000 planes at a distance of 250 miles.

Here is a fact about Tesla that many weren't aware of, Nikola Tesla was repulsed by women's jewelry.

Nikola Tesla designed the AC current that we have in use today in our homes.

Nikola Tesla designed and invented electric motors that are in use today in most appliances in our homes.

Tesla invented fluorescent bulbs and neon signs.

Nikola Tesla designed the world's first hydroelectric plant in Niagara Falls.

Nikola Tesla patented the first speedometer for automobiles.

He demonstrated the safety of AC current by passing high frequency AC current through his body to power light bulbs.

Another cool fact about Nikola is that he invented the first remote controlled boat.

Tesla explained and demonstrated the ins and outs of radio almost 10 years before Marconi.

Here are some more great facts about the inventor Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was born the son of an Orthodox Priest, Nikola says that he slept only 2 or 3 hours per day.

Tesla invented a brushless AC induction motor.

Tesla discovered x-ray radiation 3 years before Roentgen was awarded recognition for the invention.

Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain the author were great friends.

In 1920 Nikola Tesla received his final patent, which was for a device similar to the modern day



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