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Nikola Tesla Earthquake Machine

It was the year 1896 when Tesla pondered the Earthquake machine. Tesla thought that there were other untapped sources of power waiting to be exploited. Nikola Tesla constructed a simple device consisting of a piston suspended in a cylinder. This small device allowed Tesla to test his experiments in resonance. It is widely known that every substance has a resonant frequency which is demonstrated through sympathetic vibration. If the resonant frequency of a substance is reached and amplified any substance can literally be broken to pieces.

In 1897 Tesla assembled a vibrating device with an adjustable frequency, and in 1897 Tesla caused some trouble with it in his neighborhood. The device's resonator was no larger then an alarm clock, after fastening it to a steel bar the device was ready for use.

Tesla would set the vibrator in tune with the link. At first nothing happened but then it worked, the steel began to tremble and finally broke, Tesla's earthquake machine was a success.

A story emerged later on where Tesla tried his new earthquake device on steel building that was being built. The building had just the steel framework, and no bricks were laid. Tesla attached his device to a steel beam, and the building shook, frightened workers came down from the building terrified, thinking there was an earthquake.

Nikola Tesla put his earthquake machine back in his pocket and walked away, before police arrived. If Tesla would have left the device in operation on the building the whole building would have collapsed. With the same vibrating device he just used, Tesla could drop the Brookly Bridge into the the East River in less then an hour.

Nikola Tesla later had to destroy his earthquak machine because it bonded to a surface he put it on, and he couldn't pull it off. Tesla couldn't find any way to make money with this device so apparently he didn't pursue it, and the device was never heard about again.


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